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Silkscreen print by Edward Luper on acid-free archival paper. SIGNED NUMBERED PRINT (limited edition of 50). Size 29.7cm (11.7in) x 42cm (16.5in). "BT Tower Beneath Daffodils" - a homage to both the iconic BT Tower and the ethereal beauty of daffodils. Drawing inspiration from Hiroshige's timeless masterpiece "Irises at Horikiri" and Proust's evocative portrayal of Martinville's steeples as "three flowers painted on the sky above the low line of the fields," this artwork captures a poetic fusion of nature and urban landscape. Just as Proust found inspiration in the steeples of Martinville to embark on his literary journey, the BT Tower stands as a beacon of inspiration in my own artistic odyssey. Situated against the backdrop of Coal Drops Yard, nestled by the serene waters of Regent's Canal north of Kings Cross, this scene encapsulates the vibrant essence of London's architectural and natural splendor. 

BT Tower Beneath Daffodils (Signed Limited Edition Silkscreen Print)

£150.00 Regular Price
£100.00Sale Price
  • Due to the handmade nature of screenprinting, slight variations may occur in the color gradation of the sky between individual prints. While we strive to ensure consistency, factors such as ink saturation and printing pressure can lead to subtle differences from the reference photo or original artwork. These variations, however, add to the charm and uniqueness of each piece, showcasing the artisanal quality of my art. Please consider this aspect when purchasing, as it reflects the authentic craftsmanship inherent in traditional printing methods.

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